School start information


Welcome to Nordic International School, a part of Kronoberg School. See you on August 16! Questions during summer? Please contact us by calling us, +46(0)10-205 17 10, or send us an email to

Checklist before the school start

1. Order your school uniform

Before the shool start, you need to order your school uniform which is supplied by the school and free of charge. Please read more here and order no later than June 10th.

2. Hand in a school change form to your current school

It is important that you hand in your school change form to your current school. If you are a resident of Växjö kommun, please email to notify them of this change as soon as possible. If you live in another municipality, please find the appropriate instructions by contacting them.

3. Hand in other forms to Nordic International School

Before your child joins us, you need to fill in different forms. Please print these and scan/photograph them and email them as soon as possible to

Application for Special Diets»Journal of School Health requisition»Key Confirmation/ Locker Agreement»Modern Language»First language»School Transfer and Documentation»Consent to use image, film and name»

One-to-one meeting 2021

We want to meet you during an one-to-one meeting. You will get an invitation from us by e-mail. The main purpose of this meeting is to connect you and your child with the leadership at the school and it will last about 10 minutes. During this time, we will go through and sign the expectations we have for each other. The child and at least one guardian must be present at the meeting. Please join us 5-10 minutes before your meeting is scheduled to start.

Join the meeting!»

How to join the meeting

Connecting from mobile device

If you are joining us from a mobile device (Android smartphone/tablet, Apple iPhone/iPad), you will simply be prompted to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App/Play Store. You are welcome to download the app beforehand by searching for Zoom in App/Play store.

Connecting from a computer

When entering a Zoom meeting for the first time from a computer you will need to download a small application file. This process is easy to complete on all commonly used browsers. The examples below are shown using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox: Please click ‘Save File’  and follow the instruction in the orange box.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome should automatically download the file and point to it as shown above. Clicking on the Zoom_launcher.exe file will install Zoom, there will be a short pause before a blue progress bar appears indicating the installation.

Preparations for the meeting

1. Test the technology
Please test the technology before the meeting. Double-check that the Zoom tool opens properly and that the audio and camera are working. 

2. Go through our expectations and general guidelines
Please familiarise yourself with our expectations and general guidelines together with your child before the meeting. It is important to have this document in front of you during the meeting.


Expectations and general guidelines»